a SERV KERRVILLE initiative

SERV Kerrville is a servant ministry helping faith based organizations

"mobilize faith into action"

 65 VOLUNTEERs give 550 Hours to BLESS 1200 VISITORS

at cross DEDICATION 9/13/15

SERV Kerrville and 65 Spirit-Filled Volunteers welcomed 1200 visitors to the Coming King September 13th Dedication of the Cross Tabernacle Vision.  SERV mobilized hospitality volunteers to bless visitors coming to celebrate the completion of the original 14 year-old Vision. Together we contributed 550 hours of joyful service as Directors, Greeters, Parking Guides, Shuttle Drivers and First-Aid volunteers to make possible the largest one day event in the history of the Cross. Parking 130 vehicles off-site and shuttling visitors until after 10 pm. 

    THANKS to 88 SERV VOLUNTEERS for 600 hours of service 

to visitors at 2015 easter at the cross 

Thanks to 88 very special Volunteers who contributed 600 hours of service with SERV Kerrville to help us welcome 2400 visitors to Kerrville's Empty Cross during 2015 Easter at the Cross. Each of you were truly a blessing to many visitors with your compassionate hospitality and joy-filled spirits.

Together we experienced the biblical truth that what makes our service worthy of doing is the Loving God we serve!

 36 VOLUNTEERS collect & Build 3500 prayer rock pathway

SERV Kerrville and 36 hardy Volunteers invested 160 hours to build the newest prayer rock pathway

 at the empty cross for the gathering